During President William E. Waters’ tenure one building appeared on campus – a boathouse to replace the “small patched shanty” the Boat Club had been using since its organization in 1876. The students had raised some money, but only about half of what was needed. Through the generosity of Henry A. Morgan (son, not brother, of E. B. Morgan), the building was put up in 1898. During the summer of 1900, a pier and breakwater were installed in front of the boathouse, a gift of Henry A. Morgan’s daughter Edith P. Morgan, honorary member of the class of 1896.

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Since the construction the boathouse has been used in many ways. For instance the inside second floor, when first constructed, was a very comfortable place. The second floor was a lounge filled with class year pillows and comfortable chairs. It became a hangout location. For example, in The Cardinal from 1900-01 one student wrote, “it was the perfect spot for the freshmen to hide out from the ever watchful sophs.”  Additionally,  in that same year the seniors wrote that it became the perfect spot for an after prom reception area.

The Boathouse Collection contains original copies of the contract to build the boathouse,  as well as correspondence to and from Henry A. Morgan on its construct

From Jane Marsh Dieckmann’s “Wells College: A History” pages 88-89 and The Cardinal from 1900-1901 pages 99-100  and the print collection of the Wells College Archives.

Summary compiled by Nicole Di Mauro ’12

October 2011