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A new photo exhibit, featuring archival photographs of the Wells College Campus, Students, and Faculty in the 1890’s and 1990’s, has been installed in the Long Library 2nd Floor “Walk-Through” Gallery. The exhibit features twenty contrasting images from each decade (ten from each time period) and will be available through the remainder of the semester.

The photographs from the time period were originally intended to support “America in the 1890’s,” a history course offered this semester. In adding photographs from the 1990’s to the exhibit, we anticipated that students would remark how radically women’s lives changed in the span of a hundred years, however, comments about the exhibit have revealed alternative interpretations. In describing the collection, Mariaelena Garcia, Wells sophomore and Archive Intern, said, “The picture in the 1990’s where all the women are lying down in a circle truly emphasizes the sisterhood at Wells. This picture is actually the odd and even team laying side by side to each other.  Odd/Even is one of the most competitive traditions at Wells and to see two opposing teams come together in a moment of sisterhood demonstrates what is one of the best aspects of Wells. This is the fact that at the end of the day everyone is family and that tradition hasn’t changed.”

The slideshow below features some of the images included. Please stop by Long Library and take a moment to look through the exhibit.

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Click for more information from the Wells College Archives.

Lisa Hoff ’09 Reference, Instruction, & Outreach Librarian, Long Library
& Mariaelena Garcia ’15