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Wells College Archives Intern, Tori Burrell ’14, has created an interesting, and ambitious, exhibit featuring a selective timeline of Wells College history. From its founding by Henry Wells, to our new Interim President Dr. Thomas deWitt, the timeline highlights some of Wells most fascinating facts!

Here’s what Tori had to say about the project:

“When first year students arrive on campus for orientation, they are placed in SC 111 classes and guided by “peer-leaders” to help them adjust to college life. Some peer leaders may indulge first year curiosities and share a ghost story, but Wells history is rarely discussed. I think this is unfortunate, and in my opinion, this results in another class of students lacking the full experience of being at Wells. I’ve noticed the changes that Wells has undergone since my first year. I don’t think that we care about the roots of the traditions, or even know why they are traditions in the first place.

As an intern working with the collection of Wells images housed in the Archives, I found it difficult to select only a few images for display. Handling the photographs and documents made Wells all the more real to me and it was exciting to learn so many new things about the place I have lived for the past four years. Rather than focusing on a specific time period or topic, I thought it would be interesting to show a more comprehensive history of Wells. It is my hope that in sharing this timeline with the campus community we will all experience a greater appreciation for Wells traditions, a better understanding of Wells place in history, and an increased sense of pride in ourselves and our school.”

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The timeline is installed in the 2nd floor walk-through gallery space in Long Library (just outside the Learning Commons). The exhibit will run from October 7th-November 4th. Please stop and have a look!

Click for more information from the Wells College Archives.

Lisa Hoff ’09 Reference, Instruction, & Outreach Librarian, Long Library
& Tori Burrell ’14